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  • Posted On: Nov 28, 2020
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  • Description: Sun Tan Village is a professional tanning salon. We dedicate our time to understand the healthy benefits of tanning beds and tanning products, in order to further provide knowledge to our clients. We believe that tanning beds and the use of tanning products can be healthy for you, if used properly and in moderation. Our love of our salon shows when you walk through the door. We are very passionate about Sun Tan Village and one day, we hope you are too!
  • Location: Cookeville, TN, USA

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  • Phone: 931-526-2442
  • Parking: Available
  • Open: WINTER HOURS (Until Feb. 1st)
    Monday: 8AM-9PM
    Tuesday: 8AM-9PM
    Wednesday: 8AM-9PM
    Thursday: 8AM-9PM
    Friday: 8AM-9PM
    Saturday: 10AM-7PM
    Sunday: 12PM-7PM
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