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Hello! I would like to tell you about my book The Redemption Letters: From Death Row to Heaven; An Account of Salvation from the Darkest of Places. The Redemption Letters offers an introduction to Roger Dale Smith, a death row inmate whose best friend was Charles Manson. While serving a commuted death-to-life sentence in Corcoran State Prison in CA, Roger Dale gave his life to Jesus and used his remaining time to witness to other inmates who shared his fate- including Manson himself. He had lived a life of sin, but he changed his heart and fell in love with Jesus, showing how even someone who has committed what seem like unforgivable crimes can go to Heaven and have eternal life with our Lord and Savior. This collection of letters and other writing present an account of a death row inmate's life and his testimony of salvation, proving that no one is too far gone to receive Jesus's love. Our God started this journey with Roger Dale and me before I even knew who he was, before I ever wrote any letters. Jesus knew at this certain point in my life I would need a friend who was constant, unconventional, and perhaps one who needed my friendship as much as I needed his. So, as you read this book be open-minded and openhearted, and let the words of a redeemed man speak to you as they spoke to me. Thank you and God Bless!

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